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International dinosaur news and stuff

From: Ben Creisler

It's been fun to see how foreign-language news sources have tried to
translate "thunder thighs" after Brontomerus made the headlines.

Here some other recent international items pertaining to dinosaurs that I
don't recall seeing mentioned on the DML. They are in their original
languages in most cases, though.

Patriotic Allosaurus Italian Style

Allosaurus gets painted the colors of the Italian flag to celebrate 150
years of Italian national unity and to promote the exhibit "Dinosaurs in
flesh and bone" at the natural history museum in Piacenza, Italy. 


French paleontologist Ronan Allain answers questions online
Mentions a new genus of theropod from Laos. Only the pelvis has been
recovered so far, but Allain is trying to raise funds to go back and
recover the rest of skeleton, which is still at the site. The giant 2.4 m
long sauropod femur recently found in the Charente region of France also is


German TV show about the dinosaurs of Germany this week
The German television program Planetwissen devoted an episode to the
dinosaurs of Germany earlier this week: Giganten der Urzeit - Dinosaurier
in Deutschland. A video snippet can be viewed online. Dr. Annette Richter
discusses tracks found in Germany, and in particular the distinctive
two-toed tracks of a sickle-clawed "raptor" theropod-- the first such
tracks found in Europe. I don't know if the full program mentioned the
giant Triassic coelophysid that was asked about on the DML recently.


Mexican dinosaur find
Some rather fragmentary dinosaur bones have been discovered in Coahuila,
but the site may have better material.

Chinese 4-D movie about Jehol Biota
A computer-animated 3-D movie about the Jehol Biota has been out in China
for a few months. The film is shown in "4-D" at some venues with seats that
tilt and vibrate. The English-language title is "Cretaceous Park." 
The reconstruction of Microraptor with sprawling hind-limbs may not fit
with many recent analyses, but stills from the film and pictures of the
poster can be seen on a number of Chinese websites.


Portugal claimed to be country with "most dinosaurs per square kilometer"
in the world
An article about Octavio Mateus:


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