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New sculpts

One good turn deserves another, so saved from  truncation is his new post.
Dave Krentz has created these magnificent new  dinosaurs. To my mind, he is 
best working in the field today. And you ain't seen  nothing yet...I kid 
you not!   DV

<< Hello  all

I've created a shop at a site called Shapeways.  I model  dinos in 3D and 
then customers can choose what material they'd like them printed  in.  These 
models are in 1/144th scale, so they are small, but the  rapid-prototyping 
software captures all the details.  
The first  set are all Hell Creek/Lance dinosaurs...however I couldn't 
resist also doing an  Alamosaurus .  
I hope to eventually release these in pewter as  sets.  I'd like to use my 
powers for good, so for those of you looking for  donor gifts or things of 
that nature let me know.  I can make your new  dinosaurs.  

Question.  How is rapid prototyping being  utilized in Paleontology?  Are 
there cost effective ways of utilizing  it?


D >>