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Re: GSP statement on use of my dinosaur restorations (follow up)

I apologize for the cross-posting.

Greg Paul's posts have garnered a polarized array of responses.  I
don't really want to add to the cacophony of people addressing
specific legal claims, but regarding the issue of skeletal poses I'd
note that Greg did not seem (to me) to be making a copyright/trademark
claim as much as a statement on "best practices" based on his
practical concerns about branding and such.  Note that it came in a
section of his post that was aimed at artists who potentially want to
do their own reconstructions.

Allowing Greg to establish a branding around the poses he popularized
is a request I'm inclined to grant; after corresponding briefly with
Greg I've decided to embark on the process of reposing my 100+
skeletal reconstructions.

I want to be clear: Greg did not contact me about changing my
skeletals, nor was he anything but gracious in the discussion.  I'm
not doing this out of fear of litigation.  I've been asked innumerable
times by others why I haven't adopted my "own" pose so I'm simply
using this as a final impetus to do so.

Like Mike Taylor, I lament that the situation has reached the point
where commercial concerns outweigh the scientific utility of posing
animals consistently.  I had earnestly hoped that by adopting the same
pose that I would be helping to "standardize" this aspect of skeletal
reconstructions to better facilitate comparison.

Anyways, this process will not happen overnight; there are several
projects I'm working on that are too far along to alter, so for those
of you who like standardized poses they will still be lurking here and
there (and if there is a need in a scientific paper to have a standard
pose I can always re-repose...un-repose...um...change them back).
While reposing my skeletals isn't a trivial matter, I do maintain the
bones on separate layers, so the process is easier than having to
redraw them entirely.

In the mean time, I'm open to suggestions (off list please) for new
poses, so if you have a really cool idea by all means drop me a line!



Scott Hartman
Scientific Advisor/Technical Illustrator
(307) 921-9750