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Salt water crocs as pets

The TV channel Animal Planet has a series, Fatal Attractions, which recounts events of people who keep exotic and dangerous pets (tigers and lions are common examples, but there are others such as chimps, viper, bears, etc.). These usually end horrifically and tragically for the owner, neighbors, or both. Frankly, the level of stupidity exhibited by the owner's is staggering. It is actually disturbing how often large numbers of tigers and lions are kept in suburban settings with few neighbors being aware of it.

Anyway, tonight's (3/10) episode they tell the story of people who keep salt water crocs and house pets. The ads show a fairly large croc being carried around inside a house and sitting in the car next to the driver! This might be amusing and instructive to those on this list who think it would be great to have a live non-avian dinosaur around the house, especially theropods.