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RE: GSP statement on use of my dinosaur restorations (more follow up)

> From: owner-VRTPALEO@usc.edu [mailto:owner-VRTPALEO@usc.edu] 
> On Behalf Of Bob Tess
> More on the useful discussion while we are talking about the 
> support of paleoartists:
> What about buying originals?
> There are those who would like to have them.
> There are those who would like to sell them.
> Can anyone think of a way to make a market place?
> There doesn't seem to be any good way to get an original Greg 
> Paul or Mark Hallett to a good home.
> This makes no sense to me.
> Ebay is definitely not the way.
> And collecting makes good sense. John Lanzendorf made quite a 
> bit when he sold his collection, I know, I did the appraisal.
> Some of the work being done today is of historical importance, i.e.  
> the first life restorations of newly discovered species, etc.
> (This factors in to its appraised value) If there was a way 
> for folks to find and buy originals, this could seriously 
> improve the life of a paleoartist.
> Tess Kissinger

And for an intermediate level (i.e., aiming at the incomes of state university 
faculty and museum staff...):

Is there a way that high-quality liscened prints (suitable for framing) could 
be made available? This might serve to supplement the
income of paleoartists.

(I honestly don't know enough about the printing, liscensing, or sales process 
for these to know if they would be money-making
ventures for the artists or not. If they were, though, they might be a good 
thing to sell online, at museum gift shops, etc.)

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