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Re: GSP statement on use of my dinosaur restorations (more follow up)

<< Mike Taylor wrote:

> On 10 March 2011 19:24, Bob Tess <bobtess@dinoart.com> wrote:
>> More on the useful discussion while we are talking about the  
>> support of
>> paleoartists:
>> What about buying originals?
>> There are those who would like to have them.
>> There are those who would like to sell them.
>> Can anyone think of a way to make a market place?
>> There doesn't seem to be any good way to get an original Greg Paul  
>> >>

What?! It's hard to get an original GP or anybody else's original's in 
terms of contacting the artist/s?! This is the age of the internet. Send 
an email. Check out our websites. Jeez. What's stopping anyone from asking? 
Sometimes folks do. 

What can be a problem is the cost. Because of the time involved originals 
are much more expensive than reproductions. Especially those big paintings. 
Also, I am reluctant to let go of originals which I frequently update unless 
it is worth my while financially. Original dinosaur art is priced like 
original wildlife art of similar quality, and if the quality is high it is not 

G Paul