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Re: Salt water crocs as pets

On Fri, Mar 11th, 2011 at 12:50 AM, Dan Chure <danchure@easilink.com> wrote:

> Anyway, tonight's (3/10)  episode they tell the story of people who keep 
> salt water crocs and house pets.  The ads show a fairly large croc being 
> carried around inside a house and sitting in the car next to the 
> driver!  This might be amusing and instructive to those on this list who 
> think it would be great to have a live non-avian dinosaur around the 
> house, especially theropods.

Pet crocodiles aren't all that unusual in the north of Australia:

Croc lurking in Darwin suburb 'may have been a pet'

Pet crocodile takes passer-by by surprise

Man fights to keep croc in backyard
(With a picture of the croc in question in a bar in the 1970s)

Darwin awash with dumped pet crocs

I've heard that fresh-water crocs make better pets though. They tend to be less 
aggressive, and 
don't grow large enough to take an arm off (just the occasional finger).


Dann Pigdon
Spatial Data Analyst               Australian Dinosaurs
Melbourne, Australia               http://home.alphalink.com.au/~dannj