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New brontothere named after kaiju Gigan

In the latest issue of JVP (Mihlbachler, M.C. 2011. A new Uintan horned 
brontothere from Wyoming and the evolution of canine size
and sexual dimorphism in the Brontotheriidae (Perissodactyla: Mammalia). JVP 
31: 202-214.


"DIPLACODON GIGAN, new species
Etymology-The specific epithet references the large size of this species in 
comparison to Diplacodon elatus, the only other known
species of the genus. 'Gigan' is a fictional giant horned monster first 
appearing in the 1972 Japanese film, 'Godzilla versus Gigan'
and other Godzilla films thereafter."

No indication if it had a chest buzzsaw or not...

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