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Re: Pantydraco and the worst dinosaur name

Use of Megapnosaurus may be spared also to "Syntarsus" kayentakatae as
long as the new genus name is proposed for the type species of the
dinoaurian genus "Syntarsus", namely "Syntarsus" rhodesiensis (now
Coelophysis rhodesiensis), and the latter seems to be more related to
Coelophysis bauri than to "Syntarsus" kayentakatae according to
Tykoski's thesis (2005), allowing for the erection of a new genus for
the latter, instead of use of Megapnosaurus, which would in any case
be a junior synonym of Coelophysis. The non-application of
Megapnosaurus for "Syntarsus" kayentakatae would also hold in the case
we accept monotypic genera, although in this case I suppose we should
accept Megapnosaurus rhodesiensis as a valid name (although it is
truth that if we favour uninomials separated by a space we do not need
to attach a belief of relatedness in taxa sharing the first name
(genus name of Linnean nomenclature), an advantage in using genera
with only a species would be writing economy in calling each species
by its first name).