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Re: Actually Doing Something About the Great Paleoart Ripoff

On 3/11/2011 17:32, Mark Witton wrote:
This does sound like a good idea, but is there not a worry that people looking 
for palaeoart will simply hire illustrators unfamiliar with palaeoartistic 
techniques instead?
Perhaps this site can function as a brand... if enough quality artists are there, and the connections to paleologists the closest, the group could have a seal of quality type branding element. "member of..." etc. It could include paleologist video sessions, informational campaigns and artist training sessions.. or less formal "over-the-shoulder" takes.

I also imagine it would have to be flexible. An artist living in Berlin has lower costs of living than one in Los Angeles, and higher than Egypt. How would valid price differences be reflected in a standardized pricing model?