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Use of paleoart in scientific publications.

Sheesh, this is getting to be an endless topic, but it's important. And 
this is especially pertinent to nonartist paleontologists. 

Another issue is use of paleoart images by scientists in their technical 
publications. For me this is not as big an issue as commercial ventures, it 
being a matter of professional courtesy in many cases (if others want to 
control there images more tightly nothing wrong with that). Even so, it would 
best if paleoartists were more regularly compensated both for original works 
and reuses. A way to do this to incorporate the production and reproduction 
of art in grant proposals. This should become the norm when it is possible. 
There are copyright issues involved, one way to minimize costs is to turn 
over copyright for original art to the artist after the initial publication 
(I for example won't turn give away permanent copyright for a skeletal 
restoration, all those have to end up in my library). 

This can be incorporated into the proposed website. Doing so could be 
effective in getting grant funders used to including some funds for art in the 

G Paul</HTML>