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Still more on paleoart in technical and other publications

Just thought of something. 

Say you wish to use someone's paleoart for your project. It can be a 
technical publication, or perhaps something else that it is not necessarily 
there will be full monetary compensation. 

A very important piece of advice. Never, ever, NEVER simply send a request 
and ask for the use of the art without mentioning your money situation. 
NEVER (unless you have an ongoing relationship of course). Because if you do 
that the artist is left wondering whether they are being asked to make in 
effect a charitable/courtesy contribution of their art without compensation 
(which can be irritating when the artist is not sure if that is the request), 
if at least some payment is involved (which is better). So the now put upon 
artist now has to ask what the money situation is. Awkward and irritating at 
the same time. This happens to me in at least half the cases. Arrgh. 

So always, always ALWAYS detail the money situation up front whether the 
initial contact is via email or phone (whether message or direct 
conservation). Then the artist has all the facts up from the get go and can 
decide what 
to do without further queries that only eat up message exchanging time in any 

Many sincere thanks for your cooperation, 

G Paul