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Re: Paul Bonner dinosaur art

You know Mr. Wately, I would ordinarily not say anything, but in light of recent conversations on this list, I will make one comment.
 I think this illustrates what Greg Paul has been saying.
Paul Bonner is absolutely an excellent artist.  No doubt about it.
His dinosaur work he puts in the category of "odds and ends".
There is no way he built his animals from the fossil evidence, nor is it the main thrust of his career as opposed to the rest of us who devote our lives to the science. I guess part of what Greg has been saying is there is paleoart and then there is paleoart.

On Mar 11, 2011, at 10:27 PM, M Wesley wrote:

Though better known as a uniquely exquisite fantasy artist, Paul
Bonner has also done several works in the paleoart genre.
I especially enjoyed his T.rex painting.
You can find those and more at his website:

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