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Tone and substance was Re: dino branding

 I strongly object to the obscene lanquage and offensive tone being
 used by heinrich.mallison@googlemail.com concerning a very serious
 topic. I do not feel it is appropriate for him to be allowed to
 contribute further on this discussion.

So you believe in all seriousness that tone is more important than substance?


Yes, Heinrich has been direct throughout this discussion. Yes, the metaphor he used a few hours ago is more exaggerating and more insulting than the (obviously, IMNSHO) intended reductio ad absurdum would have had to be. And finally, to forward private messages to the list without permission, as he has done, is nothing short of evil.

I -- just -- don't -- fucking -- see how this makes his arguments evaporate. You act as if he hadn't made any, but you know full well that's not the case. It reflects very badly on you as a scientist that you don't reply to his arguments -- while you say yourself that the topic is "very serious"! For instance, which of your illustrations are art, which are science, which are both, and which are one or the other under which conditions? Heinrich asked that, and you never answered.

If you don't like the tone, why don't you just ignore it? That's what I do. (I don't like all of your discussion style either, but that's just not relevant.)

You've been to SVP meetings -- surely you aren't culture-shocked or something by having fallen among the scientists?