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Re: Reductio Ad Absurdum. It is 1984 Dinosaur Time..!

 and everything he has done he claims is technically and
 scientifically accurate (above all his most referenced work: his

Oh, that's not true. In this discussion and elsewhere, he has acknowledged that his older reconstructions do contain errors, the twisted forearms he used to give to theropods for instance; he doesn't commit those errors again, and he republishes (given the opportunity) old reconstructions only after correcting them. The only theropod with a twisted forearm in The Scientific American Book of Dinosaurs is *Coelophysis bauri* -- all others, even when otherwise taken from PDW, have their arms fixed.

Of course, there are criticisms he hasn't addressed, as far as I know -- but he doesn't claim "everything he has done [...] is technically and scientifically accurate".

 I have lost jobs because i refused to do Deinonychus without

Tell us the names of those responsible. They need to be shamed in public.

 or "John Sibbicks"!

What do you mean? The distinctive skin texture he always paints? The roundish ribcages?