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Re: dino branding

In a message dated 3/14/11 9:41:12 AM, demetrios.vital@gmail.com writes:

<< One salient point regarding signatures on technical works is that 
artists/illustrators rarely have the option of putting a signature on technical 
scientific illustration. Within paleontology, my illustrations of skeletal 
elements and life restorations have typically been attributed by the authors 
with a variant of "Thanks to D. Vital" in the acknowledgements. >>

This has happened to me on a few occasions. A think in some cases after the 
image has been used more than once without asking. However, it might be 
less likely to occur with my work because it is so recognizable. Which is one 
reason why having a style brand can be important for a given artist. 

The above is why it is important for paper authors to correctly attribute 
any given restoration or equivalent to the correct artist in their 
acknowledgements, and for people later wanting to reuse the image to first 
contact the 
copyright owner and so forth. 

G Paul</HTML>