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Walking With Dinosaurs 3D coming in 2013

"Walking With Dinosaurs 3D," a theatrical feature film, is scheduled for a 2013 
release.  With a $65 million budget and Animal Logic performing CG animation, 
let's hope that we will at last see the franchise applying feathers to the 
theropods.  Read Jeremy Kay's _Screen Daily_ article, "IM Global sells Walking 
With Dinosaurs 3D to Fox for US and select territories," dated November 10, 
2010, at 

Quoting the article:
"The story tells of a migrating dinosaur family, torn apart and then reunited 
during the Cretaceous period 70m years ago. The film will use groundbreaking 
LIDAR (light, detection and ranging) technology to combine live action and 
animation, as well as groundbreaking 3D camera and pre-vis systems."

Time will tell.

Dino Guy Ralph
Member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology