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Etymology of Brontosaurus (RE: Pantydraco and the worst dinosaur name)

Marsh also named a genus "Titanosaurus" in 1877, but Lydekker's was published 
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> Subject: RE: Pantydraco and the worst dinosaur name
> Here's food for thought:
>   Lydekker coined *Titanosaurus indicus* (Indian Titan lizard) in 1877. Marsh 
> coined *Brontosaurus excelsus* (exceeding Brontes [Thunderer] lizard) in 
> 1879. Brontes is one of the three titanic Cylopes who aid Hephaistos in the 
> crafting of the lightning and thunder for Zeus, who are themselves children 
> of the Titanes Gaia and Ouranos ... the latter whom Zeus slays. They are, in 
> essence, Titan progeny. I do not think the nomenclatural similarities between 
> "Titan" and the Titan Brontes are coincidental. Despite this, it has become 
> stereotypical that "Brontosaurus" means thunder lizard, and for various 
> reasons, and as such that the roots would be adopted among other taxa 
> alluding to this, a probably miscommunication. This includes, but is not 
> limited to, other sauropods.
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