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Re: Pantydraco and the worst dinosaur name

Combined reply:

> Big failure at elementary Latin grammar in that last one. The stem
> of ignavus ("idle, powerless, inept, weak, slothful, lazy,
> cowardish; exhausting"; noun: "coward") isn't ignavu-, it's
> ignavo-. There are no adjectives with a stem in u- (and very few
> nouns). See also *Cristatusaurus* and *Lurdusaurus*, <sigh>.

 Well, I guess *Cristatusaurus* could be analyzed as 'act of providing
 (something) with a crest lizard'.

LOL! A supine! X-D X-D X-D But -- horribile dictu -- could that appear with a nominative?

 Brontes is one of the three titanic Cylopes who aid Hephaistos in
 the crafting of the lightning and thunder for Zeus

...Oh. That makes sense. Thanks! :-)