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RE: Clarification of scope of paleoart market and other items

To answer your last question, no that's not what I'm suggesting. I certainly have material of that kind. I was not referring to the "fuzziness" of copyright in the paleo realm but to instances of clear breaches within wider popular culture particularly music, film and video etc.


On 16/03/2011 10:08:24 AM, Mickey Mortimer (mickey_mortimer111@msn.com) wrote:
> Steve Walsh wrote-
> > How many DMLers, even paleoartists, have copyrighted material
> > acquired without payment on their computer as they read this?
> Wait, so
> we're supposed to pay to just to have images on our hard drives for personal use now? I'll
> submit that no dinosaur paleontologist has legally acquired all of their
> papers, if only because no one could afford to.  Even ignoring the
> preposterous $40 per pdf standard that could be bypassed IF you happen to
> be part of an institution and IF that institution has access to everything,
> photocopying a copyrighted article is probably illegal, either for
> yourself or for distribution to others (especially if you charge for the
> latter).  And remember many journals limit the number of pdf copies that
> can be distributed legally by authors to ten or some ridiculous number,
> and/or limit the legal right to distribute pdf copies to the authors
> themselves (outside of a university setting, with even the latter often
> requiring special permission), so even these situations and reprints aren't legal. This gets somewhat away from art and into the open access debate, but do you really think I should be expected to contact AAAS and/or Abraczinskas for permissio

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