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new sauropod: Angolatitan

O. Mateus, L.L. Jacobs, A.S. Schulp, M.J. Polcyn, T.S. Tavares, A.B.
Neto, M.L. Morais and M.T. Antunes. 2011. Angolatitan adamastor, a new
sauropod dinosaur and the first record from Angola. Anais da Academia
Brasileira de Ciências, 83(1): 1-13.

A forelimb of a new sauropod dinosaur (Angolatitan adamastor n. gen.
et sp.) from the Late Turonian of Iembe (Bengo Province) represents
the first dinosaur discovery in Angola, and is one of the few
occurrences of sauropod dinosaurs in sub-Saharan Africa collected with
good chronological controls. The marginal marine sediments yielding
the specimen are reported to be late Turonian in age and, thus it
represents a non-titanosaurian sauropod in sub-Saharan Africa at a
time taken to be dominated by titanosaurian forms. Moreover,
Angolatitan adamastor is the only basal Somphospondyli known in the
Late Cretaceous which implies in the existence of relict forms in

Key words: Angola, Cretaceous, Turonian, Dinosaurs, Sauropoda, Angolatitan.

free PDF and reconstructions (by Karen Carr and Fabio Pastori) here:

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