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Paleoart - a positive aspect

It is a bit ironic that the state of the art world in general, for at least
60 years, is that the more skill it takes to actually do great work in an
area, the less it seems to be valued. A lot of modern art takes relatively
little technical skill - hell, I've seen big ticket items that I could pull
of physically, although we can certainly argue over the wonderfulness of the
vision that goes into it. All of illustration art is in such a bad state,
with the exception of a few artists like Parrish, Frazetta etc., including
selected comic book artists.

However on the huge positive side for those of us who love paleoart - does
the current state of the business described by paleoartists not suggest that
this would be the perfect time to contact your favorite artists and arrange
to pick up some great art for what are reasonable prices considering the
great effort and skill put in by them? Given that so much is being done on
computers these days, the availability of true originals, done by hand, will
become less and less in the future so this is the time to get some, and this
is a time where there are more great paleoartists than at any time in

Just a thought....