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Re: Clarification of scope of paleoart market and other items

On 16 March 2011 18:55,  <GSP1954@aol.com> wrote:
> So WilburWateley@gmail.com and Mark.Witton@port.ac.uk continue to
> repeatedly offer unsoliciated advice -- i. e. lecturing -- to paleoartists 
> less wise
> than they

... completely unlike Greg Paul, then.

Tell me, is it actually axiomatic with you that your opinions are the
only ones of any worth?

> It is tempting to pay no more attentions to this sort of useless, supine,
> negative, defeatist, inadequately informed nay saying, accomodationist,
> pessimistic, thinking. [...] On the other side are the nay saying 
> pessimemists.
> Let give them some randomaly chosen names, like Markus and Wilburi. They are
> the perpetual whiners and back seat drivers who even when others tell them
> to please mind their own business cannot help go and on about how it is the
> fate of humans to accept their lot in life, and why try do something about
> it because they think, without adequate proof, that it is hopeless. You know
> the type. If those folks had their way we would still be throwing rocks at
> rabbits and eating tubers for dinner on the African plains.

Has it ever occurred to you, Greg, that you might get a better hearing
for the valid parts of your argument if you could hold off with the
paranoid personal abuse?  Nothing that Mark or Wilbur has said merits
anything remotely like this childish dismissal.  If you not only
ignore what others have to say but proudly parade the fact that you're
doing so, why on earth would you think that anyone is going to listen
to what YOU say?  Whatever good might have come from the initiative
you're proposing, you are successfully chipping away at with every

I guess my hackles are up more that usual here because Mark is a
personal friend (and I might add a palaeoartist of no little talent,
with a very distinctive visual style).  But I hope I'd react just as
negatively to such unmotivated hostility whoever it was directed at.

You want to win people over?  Try honey; works better than vinegar.

And with that, my participation in this "discussion" -- or perhaps I
should call it a lecture series -- is definitely over.  Feel free to
have the last word (as though that was ever in doubt).