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Re: Clarification of scope of paleoart market and other items

 Say! Didn't you used to be on the TV show Three and a Half Men? This
 really seems Sheen inspired to me. Greg, I'm becoming more and more
 convinced you have a great performance artists buried in there

:-D Could be. And indeed, the production of Two and a Half Men is currently on hold because Sheen is... just... boozing way too much; the producers are looking for a replacement. :-)

Back to the topic... the organization and the website are good ideas and should be implemented. But this won't do much to increase demand by people with money*; and as long as demand for paleoart stays as low as it currently is, it will remain impossible for most or all professional paleoartists to make a living from paleoart alone. The part behind the comma is what's what Wilbur "Randomly Chosen Name" Wateley said.

Obviously, this is a problem that requires long-term solutions. I'll stop here before this becomes a discussion of public school systems, or of the completely irrational fact that scientists without tenure around the world are being punished for doing public outreach during time they could use to churn out more papers or more grant proposals.

* Currently, the people who would most like to buy paleoart are students and professional scientists -- the very people with the least money. They'd love to shell out the big bucks if they had them, but they just don't.