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Re: Clarification of scope of paleoart market and other items

Let me add something to my little song of woe I wrote earlier. Although
few jobs and little money is the *reality* for most paleoartists, I
to agree with Greg -- at least he's fighting for a slice of the pie. I
also understand why his head has been exploding all over two mailing
lists. Some of the comments, although meant to reflect the reality of
our situation, made my heart sink. Nobody likes to have their passion
defined as expendable or inconsequential (read, "part time"), and
likes to be told they shouldn't fight for their dream, especially when
we've been told from childhood to dream big.

And now, I think we are all due for a group therapy session so we can
better understand why we're slugging it out online instead of working

Finally, it's interesting that Mike Taylor should use the honey vs
vinegar suggestion because I was just thinking exactly that. Let's give
this, and other related threads a couple days recess while we cool off
and rethink the situation.

-- Donna Braginetz

P.S.  Personal admission: I'm usually pretty polite online -- but
that's because it takes me so long to write a response that I have time
to come to my senses and delete the angry words (Greg, obviously, types
faster and doesn't stop to consult a thesaurus or fiddle with the
format). In real time, I do explode. The other day I had to walk out of
a community meeting because I was on the verge of interrupting a
with a very rude remark.