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FW: Clarification of scope of paleoart market and other items

Yeeeeech !!! I really don't want to wade into this. I know I'm going to be
sorry ...... but .....

I sympathize with Greg on this one. And if you don't think it hurts the field
..... think again. When I was growing up, 1940s and onward, there were very few
jobs in this field even for professionals. This was certainly emphasized in the 
horrifying palaeo art. Even as a child it was just painful to think just how 
little was going on. The near total lack of art work and the dunbing down of 
illustrations [even in scientific journals] led the public to think that 
dinosaurology was dead and therefore had no need of support. It was seen as a 
professional hobby due primarily from the cartoonish art work. It hurt the 
badly and conveyed the idea that those involved couldn't possibly be "real"
professionals. This was the field that professionals "retired to" [like 
model trains, cars, ships and the like]. People would wait for the punchline if 
you told them that you were looking at this field as a profession. They would 
tell you to "wait 'til you retire and have nothing better to do".

ALL because of the crude unprofessional artwork. Zero professionalism. Crude 
thru art, for this field, hurt it badly.

Having said that and seeing palaeo in the state that it is currently in [a 100 
better than it was before but, could be a 100 times better], this is what we 
get when
we have nil ownership of the science. We have to dance continuously to the tune 
of others.
Greg is dancing around the periphery. He has a better chance at it than others. 
But we're
still outsiders. We have no publishing industry of our own, no motion picture 
industry, no
real commercial industries to ply our trade through. 
Virtually everything in palaeontology is owned by gov't. Its a real uphill 
battle when we
find ourselves on the wrong track coming to the wrong towns expecting something 
For what its worth ...... 2 cents .....

> Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2011 10:05:14 -0700
> From: dinoguy@sbcglobal.net
> To: rtravsky@uwyo.edu
> CC: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: Re: Clarification of scope of paleoart market and other items
> The toy company was contracting for sculptures of both farm and wild animals, 
> approximately 1-2"long, made of Sculpey (polymer clay).
> On Mar 16, 2011, at 9:39 AM, Richard W. Travsky wrote:
>> On Tue, 15 Mar 2011, Dino Guy wrote:
>>> The toy market -- how cheap can you get? I offer the following anecdote.
>>> I once interviewed at a well-known toy company that was looking for someone 
>>> to sculpt small animal figures. The hourly pay scale was low, and the 
>>> figures were to be sculpted at the rate of one per hour! I could not accept 
>>> the job.
>> Ok, curiousity gets me - what kind of animals? Farm? Wild? Small as in hold 
>> in one's palm?
>> Also out of curiousity - sculpt out of what kind of material?
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