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Re: Crocodile-eating Majungasaurus?

Now I remember... small juvenile sauropods would also be available and
possibly very numerous to swallow entirely without need to go for
armored crocs, as indicated by Hone and Rauhut (2009)! Then, why would
it be useful to enhance swallowing large objects, if other theropods
with narrow snouts do not need this to do the same? Perhaps to eat
prey faster before other competing animals approached to rob prey or
carrion? (this also may speed up feeding if actually tearing large
prey or carrion, for larger chunks may conceivably be taken, and thus
more energy per bite be ingested).

I forgot to say I do not like very much considering the bite of
Majungasaurus as cat-like. I mean, it has small teeth, less useful to
reach vital organs than the relatively long canines of cats, it has
many teeth of similar size, which impedes the bite force to put
sufficient pressure in the victim by restricting it to only four