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Re: Clarification of scope of paleoart market and other items

I too have to come out and support Mark (and others unfairly treated here). I'm disappointed in myself that I didn't do so earlier. Like Mark, I am very surprised the list was so quiet in response to some of the exchanges. Perhaps some give Greg more leeway because of his reputation or because they had or have professional and commercial dealings with him (like me). This is not to say that responsibility for the quality of this discussion lay with one person. Several participants were inflammatory, preachy and/or condescending, particularly one member who banged on with advice on how what our life priorities should be.

For my own part a lack of confidence in my dinosaur knowledge keeps me a lurker most of the time. It therefore took me a little while to act on the realisation that there is a prerequisite for these lists that is more important than a knowledge of dinosaurs or things paleo and that's how to be an open and respectful human being.


On 18/03/2011 2:46:15 AM, Mark Witton (mark.witton@port.ac.uk) wrote:
> Greg,
> Your previous comments are rude, condescending, presumptuous and
> completely out of line. If you don't want 'unsoliciated
> advice' (as you
> put it) on your posts, you may want to think twice before asking people
> for feedback on your thoughts in a public forum as you did when you
> started this discussion. The manner in which you discuss other people
> without even using their actual, clearly-stated names is beyond rude. I
> am genuinely surprised that your conduct in this thread and others has
> not been picked up for flaming and irritating other list members (both
> listed under section 8 as unacceptable behaviour in the DML admin
> message) by the DML administrators: people read and contribute to this
> list to learn and discuss, not to be insulted.
> Speaking of which, before calling people 'useless,
> supine, negative,
> defeatist, inadequately informed nay saying, accomodationist,
> pessimistic' thinkers (amongst the other things you have insinuated
> about people in this thread and other DML messages) you may wish to find
> out more about them: you seem to assume that very few opinions but your
> own are worth a damn when you probably know next to nothing about the
> people concerned. I can say t

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