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Re: It was only a matter of time

Instinct is a repeated and fixed pattern of action, as the goose that
when an egg escapes the nest, will make movements as if bringing the
egg back to the nest even if the egg is removed (something apparently
quite different from our behaviour).
That we are not always slaves of doing things before we get conscious
of them seems likely taking into account that when someone corrects us
before doing something, by providing a better insight, we refrain
ourselves thanks to reason. There was a famous response by some
Ancient Greek thinker, I think Plato, to someone who believed we are
not free (sorry if you all know it): he started hitting him with a
stick saying he was not free to stop, until the poor other guy
accepted the thinker was free to stop hitting him.
I once believed that if each state of the universe is simply the
uneludable deterministic consequence of the former moments and the
processes the active, then we are not free. However, long ago Hume
indicated that causes, as apparent as they seem to us, cannot be
proved (he says only correlation can be seen), and if there is no
proof of causes, there is no need to conclude determinism.