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Re: Notes on scientifically comparative paleoposes

Firstly, and for what it's worth, I for one completely accept the current convention for drawing skeletal reconstructions is of your creation. No doubt.

You keep referring to the pose (in your case e.g. a sauropod reconstruction with right legs on the ground, left rear leg in mid-step etc.) that other artists imitate as being the issue. With respect, is this the case? Are most clients observant enough to notice if another artist uses a different pose? My point is, is it not the complete convention of drawing the skeletal anatomy on a black silhouette the real "infringement" here? If you were to protect your property and income would you not require other artists to develop their own method for drawing skeletal reconstructions?


On 18/03/2011 2:11:02 PM, gsp1954@aol.com wrote:
> During the discussion I have noticed that some think that having multiple
> dinosaur restorers pose the skeletons they do the same way is a good idea
> scientific wise because it allows cross comparisons. This is incorrect for
> a
> number of technical reasons.
> It was a while back that the first skeleton/s using my pose started
> showing
> up. I donâ??t remember who did them, but I do recall become
> immediately
> nervous in terms of the scientific implications.
> Say a particular artist â?? letâ??s call her Susan Erickson -- decides to
> pose
> all her skeletons the same way. That makes sense in that because she â??
> assuming she is good at her job -- is using consistent criteria to restore
> the
> skeletons, they are truly cross comparable.
> At first it might seem that if other artists use the same pose they too
> will be cross comparable with Susanâ??s, but they are not.
> Thatâ??s because human brains are not consistently produced information
> processors, so each brain puts out different results. This is true even if
> all
> those generating skeletons are equally qualifed at the craft. Each
> skeletal
> restorer is going to have somewhat different hypotheses and
> notions about how

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