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Re: Notes on scientifically comparative paleoposes

On 18 March 2011 13:23,  <GSP1954@aol.com> wrote:
> Awhile back I
> was the first to note that Knight did the black profile around white bones
> thing a couple times shortly before he died, and Scheele did it with
> dinosaurs and other extinct beasts a few years later. I pointed out that 
> others are
> of course free to use this method in my first 3/3 statement. Where I am
> having trouble -- for serious economic reasons -- is when lots of people
> frequently pose their dinosaurs in side view whether skeletons or lifes they 
> can
> be confused by others as being mine.

Someone wake me up, I must be dreaming.

Did Greg REALLY just claim ownership of the concept of "side view"?