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Re: knight?

In a message dated 3/18/11 12:02:17 AM, vonrex7@verizon.net writes:

<< You think you're in the same league with Knight? Or Burian?
I like some of your art a lot, but those guys were masters of their media. 
You are not on the same planet as them.
And please name some current paleoartists whose work you approve of?
I'm sure people would love to hear that. I bet you hate Luis Rey, Bob 
Walters et al. I bet you haaaaate their work.
Doug Henderson is the best there is in this generation and HE can't make a 
living with paleo.  >>

How sweet. 

Note that he did not nicely ask me my thoughts. He lashed out and stated 
opinions about my opinions. 

I grew up on Knight whose quality I approch. Most of Burian was pretty bad. 
Not a Zallinger fan although the Yale murals are an impressive art 
masterpieces. Bill Berry was fantastic. So are the mammals of Matternes and 
As for others' current dinosaur work I admit I am really biased towards my 
stuff. I am so ashamed. 

G Paul