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More on Knight etc

The best painting Knight ever did is his saber toothed cat on the top of 
the cliff. When I saw it in a show at the Smithsonian it really hit me how it 
is a magnificent masterpiece. Also wonderful are a number of his murals. But 
it may be best to not always overstate his artistry. He had vision 
problems, and although it is remarkable how he overcame them it might have 
hurt. His 
work really degraded. His Nat Geo pieces were nice but nothing to write 
home about. Some pieces in the late 40s are not good. 

And his dinosuar paintings are rather static (he was able to put a lot more 
action in his mammals), all footsies usually on the ground. Dinos rather 
drab. Bodies sometimes flat (maybe from a real lack of full 3-D vision). 

Still I like and admire most of his stuff. 

I like to think that some of my art is comparable artsy wise to Knights'. 
Or maybe it isn't. As for current artists I don't claim to be the very best 
in sheer artistic technique (and am way behind Matternes when he is doing 
mammals, his attempts at dinosaurs did not work very well). What is true is 
that I consider myself the best at the combination of art quality PLUS 
scienctific accuracy in dinosaurs and certain other extinct beasts. As for 
art these days I do have a problem because I think my versions are more 
accurate so everyones else's dinos look kind off to me. It is a sad and tragic 
curse. Feel for me. 

Now let's see if any rant at me for being an evil ogre for stating my 
professional views. 

G Paul</HTML>