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Re: Notes on scientifically comparative paleoposes

Regarding comparability, and accepting a scientific content of
restoration, suggesting the same methodology should only be used by a
single person looks as saying that one kind of experiment should only
be accomplished by a single scientist. Moreover, it can also imply all
the logical reasoning in science may have to be done by a single
person, because there are differences in the way people think and are
there not just one logic (we know the Aristotelian, but there are
others, which begin with different axioms). Of course this is
materially impossible, in adition to being ellitistic. If restorations
are science, they should be repeateable by different persons and there
should be a clearly stated schedule of how to perform them. For
science is a collective enterprise. If there are subconscient wrong
idea, or preferences not based on fact, in restoration science, this
may be criticized as were the various biases which entered science.