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Re: Notes on scientifically comparative paleoposes

 It would be unacceptable for a paleontologist to publish a
> paper in which he or she illustrated or figured bones without indicating
> their specimen numbers, especially when multiple individuals are known for
> that taxon.  Why should it be any different for scientific skeletal
> restorations.  Maybe this could be adopted  as a convention by serious
> artists.

This is something I've actually been doing for some time (e.g.:
http://www.skeletaldrawing.com/psgallery/pages/jeholornis.html )

I was not the sole innovator for that idea either; I picked up the
idea of a rigorous inset from Russell Hawley at the Tate Museum, and
then expanded on some of the conventions, including specimen
description.  Probably I should take it further (although visual and
textual representation of multiple specimens would take up a lot of
room, so it may not be practical for some uses).



Scott Hartman
Scientific Advisor/Technical Illustrator
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