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Re: The Knight analogy

2011/3/19 Scott Hartman <skeletaldrawing@gmail.com>:
> But there's another source of price deflation that can lead to much
> more dramatic price reductions - simple ignorance.

Good point.

Also, may perhaps young paleoartists on the list explain their
economical problems and be heared and helped by the veterans? The
demand of paleoart for sure is finite as expressed in money (a sort of
"carrying capacity") and logically not all wanna be paleoartists will
have the chance for living of it, for which other jobs or part-time
jobs may be better to sustain themselves. May it not be useful for
these discussions, suggestions and plans to count with some
measurement of all the demand of paleoart, and its offer, in order to
help those attempting to enter as offerers to study their

Of course, all from an outsider. These are just ideas, no advise, but
if some paleoartists consider this as unsolicitated advise please be
polite enough not to order me to shut up because of this as these
lists are free to discuss respectfully (and I will not follow orders).