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Re: Dinosaur mystery novel

It's hard to believe that Homer Hickam spent much time on a real dig, as  
there is more fiction here than paleontology.  If a guy who says he is a  
paleontologist shows up on your land and wants to dig for fossils, do you say  
okay, especially when his credentials don't check out and his crew consists 
of  two young women to do the work? You don't Google him?  And you buy the  
utensils and supplies for him.  Do you let him cut the top off the  
fossil-bearing hill on your land?  Do you and your ranch hand and family do  
excavating?  And you don't call in a university paleontologist for a  second 

Irritating name too:  Norman "Pick"  Pickford.  What are the chances of 
that? SVP is said to stand for Society  of Vertebrate Paleontologists. Dr. 
Pickford sells fossils but is a member  thereof.

Odd characters, with the Russian mob, ex-porn producers, and a  
heavy-drinking vegetarian ex-detective who is now a cowhand all converging on a 
in Montana.  Everything isn't as it seems, and there is the  obligatory 
nutso scene at the end.  

Unless you could somehow  generate 3000 lbs. of force, could you stab and 
kill someone with a T. rex  tooth?  


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A   review of the new novel "The Dinosaur Hunter", a story involving a 
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