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Re: Cryptodraco vs Cryptosaurus (was Re: Aussiedraco, new Australian pteranodontoid pterosaur)

I wrote:

> When it comes to _Dracorex hogwartsia_, this is certainly a
> possibility.  Other *draco* names appear to be more down-to-earth in
> their respective inspirations: _Draconyx_ ("dragon claw"),
> _Dracopelta_ ("dragon shield"), _Hippodraco_ ("horse dragon").
> _Dracovenator_ alludes to the specimen's location in the foothills of
> the Drakensberg (Dragon’s Mountain), as well as its putative habit of
> preying upon sauropods.

Sorry... I meant "prosauropods".  Although a small or juvenile
sauropod might have been on _Dracovenator_'s menu.