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RE: Aussiedraco, new Australian pteranodontoid pterosaur

Great, while we're on the subject of Oz-archosaur pronounciation, how do we 
convince them that <Dromaius novaehollandiae> is not an "Ee-Moo"?


>Tim Williams wrote:
>I don't hate the name _Aussiedraco_ as much as I thought I would.  And
>I say that as an Aussie.  However, I hope the name is pronounced
>correctly.  Australians pronounce 'Aussie' as Ozzy (i.e., with a soft
>s) - not Ossy or Awssy (despite the latter two being closer to how the
>first syllable in Australia is pronounced, with a hard s).  So if I
>hear _Aussiedraco_ pronounced as 'Ossidraco' rather than 'Ozzidraco',
>it will really set my teeth on edge.

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