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Dollodon status questioned

From: Ben Creisler

A new paper:

Andrew T. McDonald (2011)
The status of Dollodon and other basal iguanodonts (Dinosauria:
Ornithischia) from the upper Wealden beds (Lower Cretaceous) of Europe. 
Cretaceous Research advance online publication

Dollodon bampingi was recently named based upon a specimen from the
Bernissart Quarry that had previously been referred to Mantellisaurus
atherfieldensis. The initial diagnosis of Dollodon did not adequately
distinguish it from Mantellisaurus or from other basal iguanodonts,
necessitating a reassessment of the material. Firsthand examination of the
holotypes of the two taxa and numerous other basal iguanodont specimens, as
well as a principal components analysis of basal iguanodont dentaries, did
not find any morphological features to justify the distinction of Dollodon
from Mantellisaurus. Dollodon bampingi is thus best considered a nomen
dubium and junior synonym of Mantellisaurus atherfieldensis. Furthermore,
the recent referral of the species Iguanodon seelyi to the genus Dollodon
is not supported; I. seelyi is indistinguishable from Iguanodon
bernissartensis, and is considered a junior synonym of that species.
Finally, the recently named taxon Proplanicoxa galtoni, also based upon a
specimen formerly attributed to Mantellisaurus atherfieldensis, is
considered a nomen dubium and probable junior synonym of M.
atherfieldensis. Thus, only two species of large-bodied basal iguanodont
should be recognized from the upper Wealden beds of England and Belgium:
Mantellisaurus atherfieldensis and Iguanodon bernissartensis.


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