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Re: Dollodon status questioned

Rescued from truncation:

>From McDonald's (2011) abstract...

"Firsthand examination of the holotypes of the two taxa and numerous other =
basal iguanodont specimens=2C as well as a principal components analysis of=
 basal iguanodont dentaries=2C did not find any morphological features to j=
ustify the distinction of Dollodon from Mantellisaurus. Dollodon bampingi i=
s thus best considered a nomen dubium and junior synonym of Mantellisaurus =

I have no opinion of the validity of Dollodon=2C but people have to learn w=
hat nomen dubium means.  Dollodon can be a junior synonym of Mantellisaurus=
 or it can be a nomen dubium=2C but it can't be both.

Mickey Mortimer

Andreas Johansson

Why can't you be a non-conformist just like everybody else?