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Re: Senter 2006, Confuciusornis, and humeral mobility

> I did not break it down that far; I have a wing area of 0.12 m^2 and a span 
> of 1.2 meters (using quite a large specimen I measured in 2007).  I have 
> feather measurements for that specimen, as well, but I just did it quick and 
> dirty - using what I have, I get that about 30% of the wing area is hand 
> wing.  I just built in the potential excursion by adding some acceleration to 
> the hand wing.  It isn't actually necessary to get the lift per feather 
> unless we're doing a feather bending strength analysis.  I'm taking it for 
> granted that the feather strength was sufficient (going with the rebuttal 
> paper, as it were).  Any data checking you can provide would be excellent.

 With a 1.2 meter wingspan  Confuciusornis should be able to engage in steady 
flight with a stroke angle of just 56 degrees, right? 25 degrees above the 
horizontal and 31 degrees below should do fine. Those are the exact observed 
numbers for Milvus migrans, the Black Kite. Those numbers are from the 
supplementary data table from the Nudds et al. 2004 paper on Strouhal Numbers.

What mass are you using, Michael?