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Re: Senter 2006, Confuciusornis, and humeral mobility

>> What mass are you using, Michael?

> I ran a range from 150-180 grams.

Wow! The Black kite is apparently 650-950 grams with the same wingspan! So
Confuciusornis must have way, way, less wing loading (1/3.6th at most)
and, thus, must have needed even less of a stroke angle! So I think we are
on the verge of proving it was  a powered flier.


Burton, M. and Burton, R. (2002) International Wildlife Encyclopedia.
Marshall Cavendish, New York.

> On Mar 25, 2011, at 5:31 PM, Jason Brougham wrote:
>> With a 1.2 meter wingspan  Confuciusornis should be able to engage in
>> steady flight with a stroke angle of just 56 degrees, right? Those are the
>> exact observed numbers for Milvus migrans, the Black Kite.