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Re: Senter 2006, Confuciusornis, and humeral mobility

On 3/27/2011 3:58 PM, Habib, Michael wrote:

My anecdotal accounts derived from videos are no better than the anecdotes I 
was questioning - the thing is, most of the anecdotes you read about aren't any 
better, either.

I have a LOT more confidence in the quality of a concrete binary observation, e.g., "...the bird could not fly (UNTIL he emptied his crop, or the wind started blowing, or he reached a steep slope, etc)...", than in a guess about whether the wind was blowing (and how hard) on the occasions when he did fly.

i don't get what you mean about failed launch data being unreliable (assuming enough observations).

By evolutionary logic I find the behavior compelling evidence, anyways -- the CA Condor and that general body style have been regressing in size a long time.