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Re: Zhuchengtyrannus, new Chinese tyrannosaurine

> It hasn't. I think they just meant that the Kem Kem has
> abelisaurids AND *Sigilmassasaurus* AND the two other big
> tetanurans.

 You could be right. Here is the exact wording:

> Upper Cretaceous Moroccan red beds in North Africa have yielded a
> large abelisaurid, _Sigilmassasaurus brevicollis_, together with the
> tetanurans _Carcharodontosaurus saharicus_ and _Spinosaurus
> aegyptiacus_ (Weishampel et al., 2004).

This says flat-out that *S.* is "a large abelisaurid".

The only way to make this ambiguous would have been to lengthen the list: "have yielded a large abelisaurid, *S. b.*, and something else, together with the..." -- and even this would make me lean towards the interpretation that they consider *S.* an abelisaurid.