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Re: Alvarezsaur spurs (was Re: dino-lice)

On 02.05.2011 05:47, Jason Brougham wrote:

 I believe there was a discussion on this thread regarding the low
 energy content of a termite diet, and some question whether this
 could fuel a cursor.

 Does anyone know how energy expenditure scales with body size? Is
 there any chance that this was a factor in driving a trend toward
 smaller body size in advanced alvarezsaurs?

It may well be a factor in the extremely cursorial limb proportions of parvicursorines, which must have allowed very energy-efficient locomotion at any speed: femur long, tibia very long, metatarsus as long as in birds that walk from the knee instead of from the hip, metatarsus hyperarctometatarsal, toes short.