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Drusilasaura, new titanosaur from Argentina

From: Ben Creisler

In new issue of Revista Brasileira de Paleontologia:

César Navarrete, Gabriel Casal & Rubén Martínez (2011)
Drusilasaura deseadensis gen. et sp. nov., a new titanosaur
(Dinosauria-Sauropoda), of the Bajo Barreal Formation, Upper Cretaceous of
north of Santa Cruz, Argentina.
Revista Brasileira de Paleontologia 14(1):1-14, Janeiro/Abril 2011

free pdf at:
A new titanosaurid from Patagonia, Argentina, is here described,
Drusilasaura deseadensis gen. et sp. nov., the materials include four
dorsal vertebrae, one sacral vertebra, six caudal vertebrae, left scapula,
dorsal rib fragments, two haemapophyses and indeterminate fragments. The
material comes from the Upper Member of the Bajo Barreal
Formation(Cenomanian-Turonian), exposed in the María Aike Ranch, Santa Cruz
Province, Patagonia, Argentina. The taxon showsthe following character
association: (i) presence in the anterior dorsal vertebrae, of two robust
spinodiapophyseal laminae, one anterior and other posterior, which delimit
an elongate and deep supradiapophyseal cavity; (ii) presence in the
anterior dorsal vertebra of a small circumneural lamina surrounding the
neural canal in posterior view; (iii) the last sacral vertebra with
postspinal lamina expanded toward the neural spine apex; (iv) prespinal
laminae, at least until 5º? caudal vertebra, expanded toward the neural
spine apex; (v) existence in the anterior caudal vertebrae of
tuberopostzygapophyseal laminae; (vi) presence of ventral foramina, at
least until the 4º? caudal vertebrae; and (vii) prezygapophyseal tuberosity
jointed theprespinal lamina until the 4º? caudal vertebrae. The presence of
a synapomorfic character of the clade Lognkosauria suggests the probable
inclusion of the Drusilasaura deseadensis gen. et sp. nov. within the
clade, in tandem with Mendozasaurus neguyelap, Futalognkosaurus dukei and
probably Puertasaurus reuili.

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