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Re: Willinaqake salitralensis, South American hadrosaurid

Augusto Haro <augustoharo@gmail.com> wrote:

> Damn, you are right!!! It is far from complete, this is the first
> error we note (from a probably longer list). Hands are not preserved.

The scale bar in the figure (Fig. 2) suggests that _Willinakaqe_ was
quite small by hadrosaurian standards: ~ 4m (I presume the restoration
is of the adult).  So this South American hadrosaur was around the
same size as the European  lambeosaurine _Pararhabdodon_.
Interestingly, on p.225 you note that _Willinikaqe_ and
_Pararhabdodon_ each have only eight fused sacral vertebrae as adults,
compared to nine in saurolophids.  Could this be a size-related
feature?  Smaller hadrosaur genera absorbed less vertebrae into the

Nice work, Augusto!