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Re: Willinakaqe

 Are we to use Spanish pronunciation rules for Mapuche? If so, how
 DOES one pronounce "kaqe"?

If not...

The topic of orthography and pronunciation of Mapu(n){d|z}ungun has come up a couple of times on this list. There are several competing spelling systems out there, and which one to choose is even a political issue (Microsoft was sued over using one of them).

Of the systems listed here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mapudungun_alphabet , all three that use the letter q at all use it for the sound that g assumes in Spanish between vowels. (The other two orthographies indeed spell this sound as g.)

Of those three that use ll at all, it is for the sound that ll has in very conservative kinds of Spanish. It is the same as the Italian gl and the Portuguese lh. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palatal_lateral_approximant Sound files: http://hctv.humnet.ucla.edu/departments/linguistics/VowelsandConsonants/course/chapter7/italian/italian.html