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Re: Willinaqake salitralensis, South American hadrosaurid

2011/5/11 Tim Williams <tijawi@gmail.com>:
> The scale bar in the figure (Fig. 2) suggests that _Willinakaqe_ was
> quite small by hadrosaurian standards: ~ 4m (I presume the restoration
> is of the adult).  So this South American hadrosaur was around the
> same size as the European  lambeosaurine _Pararhabdodon_.
> Interestingly, on p.225 you note that _Willinikaqe_ and
> _Pararhabdodon_ each have only eight fused sacral vertebrae as adults,
> compared to nine in saurolophids.  Could this be a size-related
> feature?  Smaller hadrosaur genera absorbed less vertebrae into the
> sacrum?

Well, that may be other of the errors of the figure. Because we have
lots of unarticulated bones in the bonebed, and in the text we say we
have individuals ranging in size from about 1 to 9 meters.

> Nice work, Augusto!
Thank you Tim!